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Alligator Preserves features nonfiction storytelling and interviews with wonderfully creative people as well as short fiction featuring grim tales, surreal experiences, and horror (my Dark Ebb episodes)! Below is a sampling of several. Subscribe to Alligator Preserves HERE for all the episodes!

Episode #Episode/DescriptionDate/Duration
107Cinco de Mayo and Broken Ankles. I discuss why I’m clearly not yet a pro at walking, although I’ve been practicing this specific ‘sport’ for 60 years! Also, Cinco de Mayo parties and a shout-out to HRRMC Medical Staff!
Q Diaries 35: Cinco de Mayo and Fractured Ankles
MAY 2020/16:21
106My Scary Adventure into COVID-land. Listen to see if I made it through my stressful trip to Safeway!
Q Diaries 34: My Scary Adventure into COVID-land
MAY 2020/16:02
105Dumplings and Ducklings: How COVID-19 is changing my life, my habit and hobbies!
Q Diaries 33: My New Life
APR 2020/11:54
104I share Mental Health Tips during Quarantine and my inspiration for writing the ghost story "Tanked"!
Q Diaries 32
APR 2020/14:36
103Ducks and Pea Soup! I discuss my Khaki Campbell duck research and provide a warning about old pea soup!
Q Diaries 28-31: Ducks and Pea Soup
APR 2020/11:33
102The Friday episode! Mental Health tips and encouragement to UNPLUG!
Friday Under Quarantine
APR 2020/8:22
101COVID-19 Fatigue. I discuss Mental Health Wellness tips, my seedlings, and my new book!
Q Diaries 26: COVID-19 Fatigue
APR 2020/12:44
100My 100th Episode! But where are the trumpets? I find a grave marker, Bernie drops from the race, and more mental health tips for quarantine!
Q Diaries 25: My 100th Episode!
APR 2020/11:26
99My Weekend Edition "Q Tips" and meeting Willie, the Donkey (who visits my garden!)
Q Diaries 14 and Willy the Donkey
APR 2020/12:56
98Puzzles and Seeds! Managing expectations, a 2,000-piece puzzle, and so many seeds!
Episode 98: Puzzles and Seeds
APR 2020/8:11
97A "Fiver"--A recap of the past 5 days under quarantine and my new book "DARK EBB: GRIM TALES"!
Q Diaries 15-19 and a Q Tip
APR 2020/12:35
96An Uber-Short Episode about meeting Willie the Donkey for the first time. No politics!
Q Diaries 14 and Willy the Donkey
MAR 2020/5:08
95In which I discuss Mike’s birthday, trespassing, transitions, and Mung Bean NoodlesMAR 2020/9:48
94Interview visit with Brooklyn Jewelry Designer Freida Rothman!
Q Diaries 11: A Visit with Freida Rothman
MAR 2020/40:54
93Spiky barbed-wire fences and so many numbers! Quarantine fatigue and sleepless nights.
Q Diaries 10
MAR 2020/7:38
92A Retired Astronaut's Advice on Isolation and my first "Prepper" Video assessing OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals!
Q Diaries 9
MAR 2020/8:30
91Get Out of Those Pajamas! New directives for extreme Social Distancing and other quarantine tips!
Q Diaries 8
MAR 2020/7:33
90In which I discuss Morning "Mom Hair" and Losing my Underwear. Have to laugh while COVID-19 rages.
Q Diaries 7
MAR 2020/9:07
89More Laughter, Isolation and Mental Health Challenges during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Q Diaries 6
MAR 2020/10:23
88The New "Norm" of Life Under the Coronavirus exhausting (but my Mum's painting is exquisite!)
Q Diaries 5
MAR 2020/12:28
87Quarantine musings, advice, and offer for teachers and students!
Q Diaries 4
MAR 2020/11:50
86My St. Patrick's Day turkey, diet advice, and a challenge for listeners!
Q Diaries 3
MAR 2020/15:06
85Coronavirus Pandemic restrictions and a political statement, which I rarely make!
Q Diaries 2
MAR 2020/25:51
84My first Q Diaries Report, several days into my Self-Quarantine during COVID-19 Pandemic.
Q Diaries
MAR 2020/12:18
83Coronavirus 2020 and the Toilet Paper Pandemic. Culling my Closet and Shriek of the Shield Maiden!
Corona Virus 2020: Toilet Paper Pandemic
MAR 2020/16:37
82Revenge of the Toilet Paper and Why I'm Self-Quarantining (after a trip to California)!
Corona Virus 2: Revenge of the Toilet Paper
MAR 2020/13:21
81Leap Day, The Novel Coronavirus, and my new book "DARK EBB: GRIM TALES"!
Leap Day, the Corona Virus, and Dark Ebb: Grim Tales
FEB 2020/6:31
80In Love with Love: A Happy Valentine Tribute to Falling in Love with my Husband!
In Love With Love!
FEB 2020/15:43

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