In Love With Love!

My justification to my parents about how “THIS time” was different!
The wedding party! Mike’s friends showed up with little notice!
page 1 of my 7-page letter to my parents!

Show Notes with Links and Photos

  • After apologizing for my last episode about ablutophobia (fear of bathing!), I share a letter I wrote to my parents in which I justify my love of the man who would become my husband!
  • And then I talk about what makes for a great long-term relationship, because I’m (not) a professional!
My wonderful Dad, COL Charles M. Bernier (RIP), who gave each of his 5 daughters Valentine’s Day cards until we had men of our own (and I think even for a while after!). June 18, 1983
My man, Mike! (Who was sweating bullets at the altar on our muggy wedding day)!
Raining only rice!
A funny toast, followed by . . .
A kiss! And my baby sister, who would be engaged that very night!
I’m recording in my closet now!

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