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12 replies on “Newsletters! Supporting Events and Other Authors”

Laurie – good luck with your writing endeavors. We all know that when you put your mind to doing something…there’s no stopping you! I can’t wait to read about my amazing uncle especially when the story is told with your creative way with words, your intelligence and most of all that wonderful sense of humor! Love you

How could I not do well with the support group of family and friends who believe in me! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the tidbits I’ll be putting in my daily posts.

So yesterday, I was telling a nursery school teacher about you and your kindergarten experience. But first I had to describe you! At the end of the story, my friend answered, she sounds like quite an adventurous spirit. Yes, I replied, and a great friend. All my love and support for the next big Laurel adventure.
{As an aside, I had to draft this in MSWORD so I could post a spelling error free post on my writer friend’s blog…..this seems like work!}

Kristi, hope you don’t mind that I included your “aside” in this post. My past students were always amazed when I’d open up my 20 pound dictionary if I was unsure of a spelling…they assumed that ALL English teachers know how to spell ALL English words! So not true! You are not alone, my friend . . . and yes, writing IS a lot of work!

Write, write, write, Laurel. Read, read, read. Edit, edit, edit. And, love the agony of crafting words that tell a story, convey action, and move people to various emotions. And when you’re finished, write, read, and edit some more. Welcome to the Sisyphusian world of writing!!!
Washington, DC

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