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CHRISTMAS with Odin: A Waterwight Series Sequel! Join Odin as he shares the story of Jesus and Christmas with the people of Vitoria! This short story’s messages are ageless and filled with hopefulness.

QUACK: My first children’s picture book! I illustrated it myself, and there’s also a little song you can sing with your youngster! Learn a few things about raising baby ducklings!

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Peace by Piece: 10 Lessons from a Jigsaw Puzzle! is also available in audiobook, narrated by me and my co-author! A humorous and helpful self-help book in a time of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic/endemic.

Peace by Piece: 10 Lessons from a Jigsaw Puzzle!

DARK EBB: GRIM TALES is now available in paperback and Kindle version! Each of the 19 short stories starts with on original sketch (by me). Stories include elements of horror, dark humor, ghosts, and aliens. Earned the 2020 CIPA EVVY Bronze Award for horror!


Waterwight Breathe: Book III of the Waterwight Series completes my trilogy of Celeste and her quest for truth!

I sure would love to know what you think of my fantasy adventure…because it was great fun to write!

Waterwight Breathe: Book III
Celeste isn’t home yet . . .

Waterwight Breathe: Book III of the Waterwight Series

Waterwight Flux: Book II of the Waterwight Series

Hunt for Red Meat: love stories

The Hare, Raising Truth

Waterwight: Book I of the Waterwight Series

Waterwight is now available in audiobook format! “Voice Mama” Sandra Murphy narrates!

See what Kirkus Reviews says about it: Waterwight compared to Coraline!

fantasy, adventure, shapeshifter, talking animals, superheroes, super powers, mystical mountain
Waterwight YA fantasy adventure novel, complete with talking animals, a mountain spirit, a malicious shapeshifter, a mysterious sand castle, and kids with special powers! Oh, and a flying frog. The trilogy is complete with Waterwight Flux (Book II) and Waterwight Breathe (Book III), and all are CIPA EVVY Award winners for fantasy!

My novel “Miss?” is available on Amazon and would make a great gift for the parents, teachers and school administrators in your life, and for those of you who miss the excitement of 7th grade. Updated with an editorial essay and a new cover!

Feeling like a REAL author now!

Haikus Can Amuse! 366 Haiku Starters is great for classrooms, waiting rooms, bathrooms, travel, anywhere you might need to fill your time with some fun and reflection! This is a journal-type book. I provide the first line or the topic, and you finish the poem! Get one for yourself and several for gifts!

gift book Haikus Can Amuse! 366 Haiku Starters
Haikus Can Amuse! 366 Haiku Starters is a fun gift book for yourself and others!

Check out this handy teacher resource workbook for middle, high, and home schooled student: Hai CLASS ku

Lucky Bucks! is a debut novel written by my great-niece Katherine Stead, who started writing it when she was 8 years old and published it when she was 9! I edited and illustrated this wonderful story about sibling rivalry, family, and the power of forgiveness!

Lucky Bucks!


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Thank you for leading our Chaffee County Writers Exchange Fifth Monday Writers Session (and exhale) last week! It was SO much fun writing Haiku!!! We all had big fun! And the snacks were good too ;-)

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