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Q Diaries 11: A Visit with Freida Rothman

…acclaimed Brooklyn-based jewelry designer and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Freida Rothman [photo provided by Susan Rutenberg]
Our visit audio

Show Notes with Links

  • Freida Rothman is an acclaimed Brooklyn-based jewelry designer.
  • We discuss life under COVID-19 quarantine restrictions
  • Freida delivers meals to Holocaust survivors in Brooklyn and we discuss what they fear. Read the article here: Vital Meals Help Holocaust Survivors Amid Coronavirus Crisis
  • “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the belieers and thinker, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you.” Freida’s grandparent instilled in her a belief in herself.
Freida’s grandparents Gita and Arthur Fisher [photo provided by Susan Rutenberg]
Freida’s grandparents Baila and Aron Nussen [photo provided by Susan Rutenberg]
  • As a second-generation jeweler, she doubted herself until Nordstrom enthusiastically carried her line!
  • Fond and poignant memories of her grandmothers.
  • Inspired by Brooklyn “grit”
  • Freida is a mentor on the Accessories Innovation Committee and a member of the Female Founder Collective.
  • Freida’s goal: To “empower every woman to channel the strength, grit, and beauty in the world around us to stay strong in the face of life’s many challenges.”
  • Freida gives back to her community, including to Nachas Health and Family Network.
  • Sara Potecha, author of West Point Woman (and my West Point classmate) introduced me to Freida after meeting her at an event at Davis Jewelers.
  • Freida discusses the power women have over their environment and their homes.
Freida (and daughter) delivering food to a Holocaust survivor [photo provided by Susan Rutenberg]
Our visit on YouTube this morning.

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