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Q Diaries 33: My New Life

Dumplings and Ducklings

The duck coop, almost finished! Still have to dig it in (for critter control)!
More mental health wellness tips during quarantine and a changed perspective. Oh, and pumpkin dumplings!
Setting up the coop from McMurray Hatchery

Show Notes

  • More mental health wellness tips during quarantine from Dr. Donlon.
  • How COVID-19 has changed my perspective on where I live.
  • New recipe ideas (pumpkin dumplings) and excitement about becoming a duck wrangler.
  • CCWE writing prompt about home and belonging
  • DO NOT DRINK, GARGLE WITH, INGEST, or INJECT household cleaning supplies! (still can’t believe the man in charge of the United States–the “person who has a good you-know-what”–thought this might be a good idea to test). (Well, yes, I can).
  • Be safe. Be hopeful. Be kind to yourself and to others.
Pumpkin dumplings with shredded Pecorino Romano cheese!

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