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Kathleen Kaska’s Cozy Murder Mysteries!

Murder at the Menger . . . and MORE!

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Show Notes with Links:

  • I said it’s been 3 years since I last interviewed multiple award-winning author Kathleen Kaska, but I actually interviewed her in 2021 as well! Here’s proof: Kathleen Kaska Knows Sherlock Holmes.
  • Kathleen gives us an elevator pitch for her latest Sydney Lockhart Mystery: Murder at the Menger.
  • She talks about how her writing and habits have changed since the start of Covid-19, and how she interacts with her Muse.
  • We talk about her multiple fields of research (this novel is set in 1953) and some interesting things she learned that didn’t make it into her book.
Our fearless author at The Alamo!
  • Sydney Jean’s relationship with her mother (can’t we all relate, even if just a little?).
  • Keeping track of multiple characters and possible suspects (and “spoiler alert”–Taco didn’t do it)!
  • Kathleen reads a fun section about an interaction with Sydney’s crazy cousin Ruth (another wonderful character)!
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  • Kathleen tells us what makes a murder mystery “cozy”!
  • We discuss the challenges of having your 1st person POV character get amnesia!
  • The purpose of the recap in chapter 23 (so helpful)!
  • A most unusual twist ending!
  • We talk about our shared knowledge of Marfa, TX and a possible Sydney Lockhard Mystery set in the famous Hotel Paisano!
  • We talk about the many projects she has in various states of completion, and about her newly released Eagle Crossing, the 3rd book in her Kate Caraway Animal-Rights Mystery Series.


Here are some videos from Kathleen Kaska:

Metaphor Writing Coach: 

Trailer for Murder at the Menger 

Laurel Stuff:

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new science fiction novel!
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