The Watch Trick

April 18th, Palm Sunday:

Here it is Sunday again, and Palm Sunday at that. I just got back from Mass and communion. Time seems to go by so fast in the army. When I left home it was Washington’s Birthday, now it’s Easter. Our dance was postponed again until the thirtieth so I’m still hanging around camp.

Thursday we got paid. This pay covered the period from when we entered the army until March 31. I was paid $48.50. This does not include the $6.75 for my insurance, nor the $3.75 for war bonds. In other words I made about $59.00. Since we will be paid again in about two weeks for April, I am sending home $40.00 with which you can do what you want. [I’m guessing my Grandma and Grandpa put it in the bank for Dad]

The last time I wrote you I also wrote Fr. Hagan, and Eddie Harrington. I intend to write Mary and at today if I have time. Civilians don’t realize how little free time a soldier actually has. At nite after we eat and go to mail call it’s usually seven o’clock, and since lites are put out at nine, we only have two hours to write, study, or play ball.

Yesterday I got a magazine from the Company, and Friday a letter from Gus, thanking me for the advice I’d given him. I suppose he will be gone by the time you get my letter. I’d sure love to be home now to see Paul and Walt. I hope they get lengthy furloughs. No word about the test yet; but as they say, “no word is good word.” We started elementary electricity Thursday, along with map reading. Dad, I learned a way to find your direction with a watch. First it has to be a sunny day. Put a match or a pencil at the center of your watch. Then line up the hour hand with the shadow on the match. Half way between the hour hand and 12 will be South. Try it out some time and see if it works. Of course you have to allow for Daylight Saving Time. There’s only an hours difference here in Texas from Eastern time. We’re in the Central time zone. [Probably doesn’t work with a digital watch!]

The fudge Jackie sent me was in fine condition and was certainly swell. Any time you have any extra sugar and stuff, you know what to do with it.

I guess I’ll end now. Haven’t got the picture yet but I imagine I’ll get it today or tomorrow. Let me know if you get the money all right. My pictures ought to be ready Wednesday. By-by and love, Murray.  P.S. I’ll remember you all in Church next Sunday.

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