Rumpled Coats and Guard Duty

April 24, 1943

Dear Folks,

Here’s the picture you’ve been wanting. How do I look? The only thing wrong is the rumpled up coat. The photographer rushes you right thru in about thirty seconds. I’ll try to get my picture taken in my summer suit.

I got the miniature and it is very nice. The fellows were amazed to see how short Mom and Dad were. Some asked if the fellow in the middle was my brother. The box from Pierce’s arrived Friday and was greatly appreciated. The figs and dates come in handy when I’m hungry…

Thursday nite I had guard duty, from six at nite till six in the morning. You are on duty for two hours and off four. My shifts were 10-12 a.m., and 4-6. I was guarding the motor pool and if there was ever a lonelier post I wouldn’t like to see it. I was so sleepy that I had all I could do to keep awake. When off duty you have to keep your uniform on, in case anything happens, and you have to stay at the guard house all the time. I had my uniform on 36 hours straight and boy! Was I glad to get my shoes off. By the way, I got my moccasins. Amig and myself got a pass last week and went to a town about nine miles from camp. We spent all our money in the army & navy store; so we’re staying in camp until pay day, May 5.

I may not send any money home next month because in this climate we should have at least four summer suits; and as the army only issues two, I’ll have to buy a couple.

Tell Sis and Paul the pictures came out swell and I’ll keep them. Too bad Bus missed out but somebody has to take care of the women. Till late, Love, Murray.

p.s. I’ll mail home a couple more pictures next letter.

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