Looks Like School Ahead

April 28, 1943

Dear Folks,

To begin with I have some good news for you. About eight of us were called into the Company Commander’s office Monday, and told we were to be sent to school. Myself, Amig and a sergeant, by name of Escala, are to be sent to a repeater school; that is, to specialize on repeaters. Others will specialize on telytypewriters & central office work. We were told to be ready in a minute’s notice. This may mean tomorrow or next week. The telytypewriter and central office men will be sent to Monmouth, New Jersey. He doesn’t know for sure where we repeater men will go. There’s a half & half chance we will go together to Monmouth. Sergeant Ascala seems to think that we three may be sent to Chicago to a civilian school. There we would be taught by AT&T men and on familiar equipment. Also, if sent there we may be given ratings before we go to help pay for our board. Either place will suit me, although I’d rather go to Monmouth.

Well, Monday we had a nice little hike of about eight miles in the hot, scorching sun. The temp seemed to be about ninety. We marched with full pack and I was wet thru with sweat. Tuesday nite we went on another one and, although not so hot, it was warm enough to get up a good sweat. This hike lasted from 6:30-11:00. Enough for now. Till tomorrow, Love, Murray.

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