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“The Birthing House”

A Multi-Layered Novel by Kathy Taylor

My Fascinating Visit with Award-Winning Author Kathy Taylor!
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  • Kathy Taylor, who are you today?
  • We spoke about Kathy’s idea for THE BIRTHING HOUSE 2 years ago when I interviewed her about “Trees and other Witnesses.”
  • This is a multi-layered, complex story filled with musings about languages, words, time, dreams, history, and trees. I ask how she would characterize genre for this work?
  • Her inspiration came from very personal experiences with loss. Why did she choose fiction over memoir?
  • Clare’s husband Stefan’s research uncovers an early 18th Century Parish register. He says, “People’s attitudes toward death reveal so much about their lives.” What is Kathy’s attitude?
  • Why did she include many stories of other women with different challenging backgrounds?
  • I read an excerpt about migration and Isra’s story. I ask Kathy if she feels like a migrant.
  • Clare is fascinated by how she was a different person in each language. Elaborate!
  • I read a passage about writing and ask why Kathy wrote a book within a book.
  • We discuss genres and I ask if she has a favorite to read.
  • Has her writing produced and surprises?
  • The audiobook is in progress…
  • What’s next?
  • Find Kathy’s work HERE and follow her HERE!

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