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Thomas K. Carpenter:

Creator of “fantastic families, magical academies, and epic adventures”!

Enjoy my visit with Tom!
Audio-only version of our visit!

Show Notes with Links:

The Hundred Halls BOOK 1: TRIALS OF MAGIC

  • Tom shares who he is when he’s not writing.
  • He shares his exciting news about a new cooperative strategy card game based on his books, available in February! (Subscribe to his newsletter to get up-to-date info)
(I’m not sure when he finds time to ski!)
  • With over 60 published books, how do you keep track of your characters? (any writing apps?)
  • How do you remember what you’ve written?
  • When did you know you could make a living from your imagination?
  • Everyone wants to know the “trick” for success. How many years did it take you to become on “overnight success”?
Tom and Rachel, his wife and business partner
  • You have all the elements of a magical world. Harry-Potter-type schools, guilt-ridden older sister who must learn the truth about how to respond to the unknown, jealous, tormenting peers. . .
  • Trials of Magic has a scene reminiscent of one in Orson Scott Card’s Enders Game
  • Which authors/books inspired you most?
  • You chose two sisters for this series. Why?
  • What one word would sum up Trials of Magic? [mine is FUN!]
  • Cover Art designers: and G&S Covers
  • Where do you write? Tom discusses his writing routine.
  • We discuss the need for tension in stories, and Tom says, “Authors are really cruel people.”
  • Do you have a favorite pair of socks? [we share our socks!] Or any other thing most don’t know about you?
My socks win!
  • What is one piece of advice writers can use right now?
  • What’s your writing goal for 2024, and do you ever worry about how long you can keep up the pace?

Here’s a list of Tom’s current Hundred Halls titles!

The Hundred Halls (Arcanium Hall)
Book 1: Trials of Magic
Book 2: Web of Lies
Book 3: Alchemy of Souls
Book 4: Gathering of Shadows
Book 5: City of Sorcery

The Reluctant Assassin (Academy of Subtle Arts)
Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin
Book 2: The Sorcerous Spy
Book 3: The Veiled Diplomat
Book 4: Agent Unraveled
Book 5: The Webs That Bind

Gamemakers Online (Gamemakers Hall)
Book 1: The Warped Forest
Book 2: Gladiators of Warsong
Book 3: Citadel of Broken Dreams
Book 4: Enter the Daemonpits
Book 5: Plane of Twilight

Animalians (Animalians Hall)
Book 1: Wild Magic
Book 2: Bane of the Hunter
Book 3: Mark of the Phoenix
Book 4: Arcane Mutations
Book 5: Untamed Destiny

Stone Singers (Stone Singers Hall)
Book 1: Song of Siren and Blood
Book 2: House of Snake and Tome
Book 3: Storm of Dragon and Stone
Book 4: Sonata of Shadow and Thorn
Book 5: Well of Demon and Bone

More about Tom’s new release: Champions of the Hundred Halls Cooperative Strategy Card Game!

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Banjo meets Tom!

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