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Author Spirit Ricks Shares Lessons for Living a Virtuous Life

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Show Notes with Links:

  • Author Spirit Ricks talks about his life experiences and how he wrote A Woman’s Guide to a Virtuous Man and a Man’s Guide to Virtue
  • He talks about who he is, and how he raised his children to be shepherds, not sheep.
  • It takes courage to tell the truth! Parents should be a child’s relief, not a punisher.
  • “Put the mirror in front of ourselves” to see the truth. Bad choices do not define us.
  • He talks about why our children might talk to others rather than ourselves.
  • (we’ve all made mistakes and we turned out okay!)
  • Spirit Ricks discusses witnessing a difficult childbirth and how it affected him. A woman’s labor…and how God labors for us.
  • I ask if we can learn humility, and he tells us how, and why it’s more challenging today.
  • The beginning of any journey requires a person ready for it.
  • Spirit talks about his mother and how she will have eternal life through him! I ask about his mother’s sayings.
  • “Don’t get caught up in what you see” in terms of other people.
  • I ask if we can find good in bad examples. “Without a doubt”!
  • Spirit talks about his first 25 years, before he learned how to live a virtuous life.
His Book!
  • Spirit wants to leave people better than when he found them.
  • He talks about his vision, and the book of his life.
  • Spirit talks about how to forgive…and try to forget!
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