Penny for Your Thoughts

A short story–based on the assassination of President James Garfield– written as historical fiction.

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Show Notes with Links:

  • This is my narration of a short story I wrote for a writing challenge.
  • DISCLAIMER: The racist views expressed by the main character in this story (Harold, the retired zookeeper) in NO WAY reflect the views of the author (me)!
  • The challenge was to create a story of no more than 2,500 words in the historical fiction genre. It’s main character had to be a zookeeper, and there had to be an assassination. I had one week to complete this challenge.
  • The challenge is put on by NYCMidnight, and there are different contests throughout the year.
  • I learned about the assassin, Charles Julius Guiteau, from Wikipedia. Below is his photo.
http://By Unknown photographer, cropped by User:Connormah – Cropped from, Public Domain,
I’m recording in my closet now!

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