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Debut Poet Savannah J Tully!

Poet, Nature Lover, Humanitarian,
All-around Wonderful Human!

Savannah J Tully
Audio-only version of our visit!

Show Notes with Links:

  • I met Savannah when she won the Central Colorado Writers YOUTH WRITING CONTEST Bronze prize for “Mangroves Whisper Life and Death.” The assigned topic was “SOMEDAY”…she talks about her inspiration.
  • Read her story on the Central Colorado Writers website:
Savannah in Costa Rica
  • Her debut publication is a Poetry Collection: SIX TALL TREES
  • She tells us how she came to Buena Vista, Colorado from Indiana for her senior HS year.
  • “Through the dirt on my feet and the air we all share, I find peace in struggle and triumph” (back cover). I ask how she got to be so wise. She talks about her wonderful grandmother.
  • We discuss her understanding of things being “neither good nor bad, they just are,” I read Mountain Mindset (p. 48)
  • Life presents challenges, not problems!
  • She also paints birdhouses!
  • Savannah reads a few of her favorite poems and we discuss them.
  • Her understanding of time comes through in Mountain Mindset and Winter (p. 80)
  • I suggest Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.
  • We discuss her poem Want (p. 11) and her BIG question (p. 7)
  • Her illustrations remind me of Etch A Sketch. They are one-line sketches, and they embellish her book beautifully.
  • She talks about a typical family evening, challenges of high school, and looking forward to attending Missouri University of Science and Technology.
  • She offers advice to young writers.
  • email Savannah at and you may order her book from her Instagram account: stully_20 or
  • Order from Barnes & Noble:
  • Or Amazon:

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