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Cam Torrens: Award-Winning Author of “STABLE”

and man of many adventures!

Cam Torrens, Award-Winning Author of “STABLE”
Enjoy this fun visit with Cam!
Audio-only version of our visit!

Cam on commo during a SAR mission

Show Notes with Links:

  • Cam has served 30 years as an Air Force Officer. He’s been a husband, an attaché, a professor, a father of six, and a Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteer for Chaffee County, Colorado.
  • He tells us who he is today.
  • His debut novel STABLE has already earned three awards. Suspense, action, mystery, dynamic personal interactions, and humor! This novel has it all.
  • Cam gives us an elevator pitch for STABLE, which has some autobiographical elements.
Cam also races. Seen here doing the Moab 55K.
  • Cam talks about how he organizes his time (he’s very organized!) to accomplish his goals.
  • He discusses his greatest challenge in completing his novels and the things/organizations/people that have helped.
  • If he could choose one job to do for the rest of his life…?
  • Cam is a voracious reader. His newsletter includes book reviews every month. Sign up for it on his website:
Cam on a SAR mission on La Plata peak (a Colorado 14’er)
  • He discusses where he’s happiest.
  • We talk about Central Colorado Writers (CCW) and the critique group led my author L.V. Ditchkus.
  • We talk about NYT Best-Selling Author David L. Robbins and the course we took with him: The Mighty Pen Project.
  • Cam offers tips to writers, new and less new!
  • He adds a few shout-outs in addition to his wife and children and his publishing company, Black Rose Writing
  • Book two in the Tyler Zahn series is available for pre-order now, with a release date of October 5th, 2023. False Summit
  • Cam donates portions of his book sales to SAR.

Laurel Stuff:

Mike and I spend time in the mountains too! This is Browns Creek Falls.

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