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“Let’s Talk About Sex!” [with Dr. Heather England]

(I think she’s our new Dr. Ruth for the 21st Century!)

Dr. Heather England, Founder of Love Filled Life
My interview with Heather on 15 October 2023
Audio-only version of our interview

Dr. Heather England’s Bio:

Heather is a licensed clinical psychotherapist, certified sex therapist, and life coach, specializing in helping people love themselves and create the lives they truly want, nurture meaningful, loving relationships, and have great sex. She has had a wild and varied career that includes being an army officer and a senior manager at Hallmark Cards. Her focus as a certified sex therapist is helping people in midlife and beyond with challenges like low desire, disconnection from their partners, shame, lack of sexual know-how and self-confidence, and erectile dysfunction so they can enjoy magnificent sex.

Show Notes with Links:

  • I ask Heather the who/what/when/where/why and WHAT inspired her to become a sex therapist.
  • She discusses her audience for her GREAT SEX PODCAST.
  • She talks about doing shows with her son and how it has enriched their relationship.
Heather and her son
  • I ask about her husband’s response to her fairly new venture.
With her husband
  • There seems to be a need now…shows like “SEX EDUCATION” and “BIG MOUTH”(animated). I ask her thoughts on those shows.
  • What is the topic of most concern?
  • I ask when she will do a live show with call-ins.
  • Heather talks about the feedback she’s getting.
Ready to record her GREAT SEX PODCAST
  • She leaves listeners with a message and a very funny story about sex.
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Links to Heather’s sites:

Website: Love Filled Life




Laurel Stuff:

Heather and I danced (on the sidelines!) at a Drag Queen show in Vegas this summer!

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