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Meet Award-Winning Author/Editor MK (Molly) Sturdevant!

A fascinating multi-genre Doctor of Philosophy writing about an old-time miners strike in Colorado!

Visit with us in this YouTube video!
Listen to the “audio-only” version here!
Molly spends time in COLD Leadville researching the historical archives and environs.

Show Notes with Links:

  • Molly tells us a little about herself.
  • She answers the question, “How does someone with a PhD in Philosophy end up researching the 1896 mining strike by the Cloud City Miners Union (Local 33) in Colorado? That happened 126 years ago!”
  • Why does she present this nonfiction event as fiction?
  • Molly talks about some of the characters she created.
  • The many surprises from her research.
  • Research has taken her several places. She talks about those, and if she has found any ancestors of the miners.
  • She is a Writer in Residence at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, CO for the month of January 2022.
  • Molly discusses how the pandemic has affected her work.
  • Her book–“The Sleepers”–is almost finished!
Shaft and tunnel map of the famous Robert Emmet mine, not far from the Matchless Mine in Leadville. 
Molly in front of Leadville’s historic 1879 Saloon! (All about the research!)

Laurel Stuff:

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new science fiction series and just published my first coloring book for the Waterwight series!
(Photo Credit: Elise Sunday)

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