Alligator Preserves Episode 43: Fruitcake!

Collin Street Bakery Deluxe Fruitcake! Photo from their website. They’re still in business, and my birthday’s just around the corner (hint hint!)


In this episode, I describe my unusual experience with fruitcake over the years and I make many excuses for  why this month’s newsletter is late!

(“NOT” on that last part!)


Listen Here:

Show Notes with Links:

  • C-ration fruitcake. Photo stolen from Chip’s Facebook page.

    My inspiration: Thank you, Chip Armstrong!

  • Bighorn Book Club
  • Collin Street Bakery
  • Episode 42: The Blessed Biscuit short story link
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Laurel lives and laughs and publishes and podcasts in Colorado's Rocky Mountains! She has published several multi-genre books and hosts the podcast "Alligator Preserves," where she interviews fascinating people, talks about the human condition, and shares scary stories from her "Dark Ebb" collection.

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