Alligator Preserves Episode 33: Brent Goldstein, the Tour Divide, and the LT100

Brent Goldstein’s bucket (list) is empty after completing the 2018 Tour Divide, but he’s back in Leadville to compete in his 12th Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race!

Brent Goldstein’s magic paper “painting”! (You paint with water and your work of art disappears quickly! Order yours at Leadville’s Fire On The Moutain)

Brent races for the First Descents (FD) Organization–he’s the Chairman of the FD Board–and is working on a book about his experience riding the Tour Divide and working with the FD organization. *

* Brent would like to make a correction to his response about why Brad Ludden founded First Descents: it was not his sister who had cancer, but his aunt.

Listen here:

Show Notes with Links:

  • Brad Ludden’s vision for First Descents
  • Preparing to include candidates with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Brent talks about the variety of adventure camps young adult cancer survivors/patients may attend
  • His friend Alan Goldberg convinced him to ride the LT100
  • Shaw Cancer Center in Vail
  • Brent discusses the greatest physical challenge he completed before the Tour Divide and how he prepared (or didn’t prepare!)

    Brent Goldstein at Great Basin on the 2018 Tour Divide! Photo provided by Brent Goldstein
  • Ride the Divide movie
  • Salsa Timberjack Touring Bike
  • Join Facebook groups to learn from those who’ve experienced the races
  • Brent’s favorite gear pick: JBL Bluetooth Speakers for his eclectic play lists
  • His worst day on the Tour, feeling fear, and his best day
  • Did completing the Tour Divide change his life?
  • Shout-outs to supporters, so many! His wife Lisa, Jackie, Gary Johnson (yes, that one), Kevin Kane, Jeff Hoffman, Bonnie Gagnon, Mario & Vincent Hammel, Wayne, Chuck, and more!
  • Ken Chlouber’s mantra (listen to my interview of Ken here)
  • LT100 Mountain Bike Race goal for 2018 and tips for riders
  • Grace Ragland’s interview here
  • What’s the purpose of the book he’s writing?
  • Contact me: if you’re interested in purchasing Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Stupid Kid with Brent’s stories in it and I’ll donate proceeds to First Descents!
  • Find out how you can support First Descents here, and remember that another way you can help the FD family is by referring young adult survivors/patients to FD to attend their life-affirming programs.

More Links:

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