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“WITHOUT BRAKES: Fingers Crossed”

The 2024 RMFW Anthology is here! Visit with co-editors Paul Martz and Linda Ditchkus as we discuss these stunning stories.

Our video visit today!
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Show Notes with Links:

  • Who came up with the theme for this year’s Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers anthology? Linda and Paul discuss the idea of Colorado’s Changing Climate and how it opened the doors to multi-genre stories.
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  • They discuss what inspired them to co-edit an anthology of climate-themed fiction.
  • I ask about the tasks involved in creating the anthology and how they determined who did what. I guessed there may have been arm wrestling involved, but Paul corrected me. It was rock/paper/scissors!
Author and co-editor Paul Martz
  • We talk about the role fiction plays in educating society about climate change, and how there are stories for every type of reader represented in the anthology.
  • We talk about how a story by Nebula Award-winning author Paolo Bacigalupi made it into the book.
  • I ask Paul what challenges he faced as a blind editor.
  • I ask Linda about her Chrom Y series.
Author and co-editor L.V. (Linda) Ditchkus
  • I read a snippet from my story Iphus.
  • Linda and Paul talk about how the book’s title was chosen.
  • I ask Paul if his cat can play the drums yet, and Linda about the 100’ish countries she’s visited.
  • They tell listeners why they’d want to buy WITHOUT BRAKES: Fingers Crossed
  • They encourage writers at all levels to participate in this year’s Colorado Gold Writers Conference September 27-29.
  • Contact Paul at He is willing to be a resource for anyone interested in publishing in Braille. He is also a contract tech writer for, National Braille press.
  • Contact Linda at
Linda Ditchkus with Paolo Bacigalupi at the Crested Butte Words Festival, May 25th


The release party for the anthology is 9/7, 11:30-12:30, at The Bookies Bookstore.

The official anthology web page is:



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