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What Can We Control?

Not much, but maybe . . . enough.

“Raindrops on Roses” and Wildfires in Forests…

That is not my favorite song this year. But while I’m saddened by the flash floods, the mud slides, the fires raging out of control, the ongoing political turmoil, the conspiracy theories, the persistent pandemic, I’m reminded that the radius to the edge of my circle of influence remains a stone’s throw away. As I stand in the center of my circle, I can choose either to complain, to feel trapped, helpless, and defeated . . . or to feel inspired to put more effort into those things within my ability to control, if only slightly.

  • I cannot control the weather.
  • I cannot control our government.
  • I cannot control those with opinions contrary to mine.
  • I cannot control this dastardly virus.
  • I can make the area around our home safer, I can minimize my carbon footprint, and I can remember I won’t melt in the rain (even on my witchiest of days!).
  • I can research issues and candidates intelligently and exercise my right to vote.
  • I can choose not to engage with those on social media platforms whose goals are to spread unsubstantiated falsehoods and provoke hatred, fear, and anger. 
  • I can follow the guidelines recommended by legitimate professionals to keep myself healthy and to encourage others to do the same.

I’ve been working for hours in our garden and around our home recently because the unusual amount of rain this year where we live has caused an explosion of weeds–some lovely, most not so. How I wish I could wave my witchy wand and send the downpours to surrounding fires. 

Here’s my latest YouTube video in which I share our garden and the magnificent efforts my husband invested to create the perfect place for veggies to conquer weeds (with help, of course)! Dirty Hoe Days!

I choose to be inspired. How about you?


Meanwhile, I’m working on a new science fiction series! (Photo Credit: Elise Sunday)

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