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“Lucky Bucks!”

A debut novel by a young author!

Just about 1 year ago, Katherine Stead committed to writing a book. Destined to spending most of her 3rd grade year in a remote learning situation, she craved more of a challenge than her online homework could provide.

For 1/2 hour every Wednesday morning (with few exceptions), this young author met with me over Zoom, and little by little, her story emerged.

Lucky Bucks! is a delightful “young reader” story about sibling rivalry and power. It’s a coming-of-age story that will resonate with anyone who has ever been a sibling and anyone who has witnessed the complex interaction of siblings. Embellished with one full-color illustration per chapter (15 chapters).

This story will leave you smiling!

Full disclosure: Katherine (Katie) is my 9-y-o great-niece! I had a blast helping her with this project and illustrating her book!

Would you please share this email with everyone with young readers? Thank you!

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