Lonesome in the hospital

March 11, 1943

Still here in the hospital and no change in my cold. There’s about five hundred fellows here all with colds and sore throats. The sudden change in climate, food, air, and the cold trains gives most of the boys colds.

I haven’t received any mail yet but I’m sure there’s some waiting for me at the barracks. Would you please send me that Income tax blank and extra blank that I left home. I have to sign them then send them back to you. When you write be sure to let me know about any news from the fellows. I imagine Walter has left by now. If so, send me his address.

I wrote a letter to the Telephone Company yesterday, thanking them for the little bag and giving them the news to date.

Being here in a hospital so far away from home sure gives you a lonesome feeling; but I’m not the only one. I met three fellows from Boston so far, and two of them were from Dorchester.

I really haven’t much news to tell you because I haven’t done anything for the past couple of days. By the time I see you again I’ll probably have a real Southern drawl.

By the way, the Company might send you about twenty or thirty dollars. If so, put it in my account. It will be the difference in pay for my first two weeks.




Laurel’s input: Oh!  What if there’ no mail back at the barracks! Come on, fellows (and mom, dad, sister, and brother)! If this next letter is as forlorn, there will be tears on my keyboard. Despite his loneliness and sickness, however, he was clearly able to maintain his humor, and probably even chuckled at the idea of returning to Boston with a southern accent!

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