Runny Noses and scapulars!

Pvt. C.M. Bernier, USA

March 8, 1943

Dear Folks,

Here I am in a hospital again, only this time it’s not so serious. My cold got a little worse on the trip down here and the doctor thought I should get a complete cure for it. The hospital is very nice, quiet and cheerful. I’m in a ward with about thirty fellows. All with colds and sore throats. The nurses are lieutenants, and very pretty, and the doctors are at least captains.

Before leaving Fort Devens the chaplain passed out scapulars to the Catholic boys, so I thought you might be happy to know I’m now wearing one. There was a little article with it about all the graces and privileges it had, and I’ll mail it to you later on.

We were told that it would be at least six months before we get a furlough, which means that I’ll be plenty homesick before I see you all again. If you ever come down here, take a Pullman for it’s a helluva long ride. But I doubt if I’ll ever see you way down hyar.

The weather is just about how it is in May in New England. The grass is green and the trees are starting to blossom. As usual my nose took a good burn and it’s a nice red. I got my G.I. haircut Sunday and now look like something the cat drug in. As soon as possible I’ll try to get my picture taken so you can see your son in uniform.

Well Dad, have you been made President of the Meisel Press yet? If not I bet you’re still doing your best anyway. I suppose you are still going to boy-scout meetings on your nite off.

How are you Mom? Are you still turning down cases? Don’t worry about me, because I’ve only got a cold and the best doctors to take care of it.

It has taken me nearly three hours to write this much, because it is so warm, so I guess I’ll sign off now with Love and I miss you all, Murray

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