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Johnny Worthen’s Epic Worlds!

Meet the award-winning, tie-dye wearing author of epic social science fiction!

Visit with us and see his Coronam System here!
Listen to audio-only version of our visit here!

Show Notes with Links:

WELCOME! I met Johnny Worthen at the RMFW Conference in September! He presented the workshop: “The Muddled Middle”

  • Johnny tells us about himself after I tease him about being a tie-dye king…which is now his “brand”!
  • We agree with how liberating it is to have a uniform (which leads me to wonder how the world would change if the military adopted tie-dye uniforms)!
  • He tells us about his debut as a storyteller.
  • He talks about his bagel shop in Oregon (The Daily Bagel).
  • I give him more than 4 floors to present his elevator pitch for Of Kings, Queens, and Colonies
  • I read some of his wonderful similes and figurative language elements, and we discuss “multi-genreism”
  • I ask about the space elevator thread—and wiki says “The key concept of the space elevator appeared in 1895 when Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.”
  • I ask about his natives—and reflections of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.”
  • Bees and honey, Religion and school indoctrination, steampunk elements, and more!
  • Johnny reads a passage from “Of Kings, Queens, and Colonies”…
  • I ask what’s the most controversial thing he’ve ever done, and he tells us.
  • He talks about his greatest challenge as a writer
  • Lightning round:   Chocolate or pistachio / fall or spring / Star Trek or StarWars / dogs or llamas ) listen for his answers!
  • I ask about the dark fiction press he edits for in LA.
  • Shout-outs and ADVICE to writers!
  • Flame Tree Publishing

Laurel Stuff:

I always seem to find author L.V. Ditchkus‘s Sasquatch at conferences! Here at the RMFW Conference where I attended Johnny’s workshop!

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