Alligator Preserves Episode 60: Romance, Mystery, and the afterlife with author minette lauren!

A typical stroll around the house with Minette Lauren!
Our YouTube visit!
Audio of my visit with author Minette Lauren

Show Notes with Links

  • Minette Lauren introduces herself and her menagerie!
  • She describes her inspiration for Race for the Sun: The Soul Watcher Series Book One
  • More than your standard steamy romance, Race for the Sun offers depth on topics of the soul, reincarnation, and the afterlife. Minette’s writing is often lyrical.
Her audience LOVES when she sings!
  • We talk about the brain and the masculine/feminine spectrum.
  • Minette talks about the “rules” she had to create for her main character, Soledad (who is a spirit, a “soul watcher”).
  • Playing with names in the novel and Minette’s personal activities…riding her Harley, skiing, but not painting!
  • She talks about which character(s) she relates to most.
  • The poignant breakdown scene and how incidents in Minette’s personal life informed her narrative.
  • We discuss social media and the challenges of keeping up with our “author platforms.”
  • Questions of identity and the “mother voice” and more ways Race for the Sun stands out from typical romance novels.
  • Minette reads a passage (but first talks about a 1st grade teacher who wasn’t helpful in the read-aloud department!)
  • We jump to Sins of the Sister, a killer-thriller novel Minette co-wrote with friend Zoe Tasia under the pen name Zari Reede.
Zoe and Minette, a.k.a. “Zari Reede,” celebrate the publication of “Sins of the Sister”
  • How does co-writing work? Who does what? Rules of co-writing.
  • The inspiration for this twin/serial killer novel.
  • What’s next? Shout-outs and how to find Minette:


Twitter: Facebook:

Barnes and Noble:
Instagram: @MinetteLaurenAuthor.  @ZariReede

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