Alligator Preserves Episode 58: “You Say Goodbye” with author Keith Steinbaum

Author Keith Steinbaum

Author Keith Steinbaum discusses his latest novel You Say Goodbye–a Beatles-inspired murder mystery–and his first novel, The Poe Consequence, which will be re-released in March 2020. Keith and I discuss inspiration and the amazing child whose efforts launched Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for childhood cancer research.

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Show Notes with Links:

  • Author Keith Steinbaum introduces himself
  • Keith Steinbaum’s Beatles-inspired murder mystery “You Say Goodbye”

    Keith and I talk about the story within a story in his Beatles-inspired murder mystery You Say Goodbye

  • Keith discusses how he found his inspiration for the character counterbalance (KayLeigh) for the main character (Sean), and the tragedy that launched a foundation to support children’s cancer research: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
  • Please watch the video in the link to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and consider donating to this cause (my request)
  • “Meat on the bones” writing turned a short story into this novel (read more in his TheWriteWayCafe interview)
  • We talk about writing without a money goal
  • The idea behind Mel Gibson’s movie “Signs” sparked an idea Keith already had in his head (“The film itself certainly wasn’t all that memorable,”) and I challenge him to put a feeling that overcame him into words (he does so beautifully, I might add)
  • Keith is motivated by the weightier side of life, and poetry was his outlet
  • “You Say Goodbye” was created only on Sundays (find out why)
  • We talk about serial killer and the PRESS, and I ask if Keith knew whodunnit from the beginning
  • Keith talks about using his own lyrics, and reads a passage from his novel
Let’s see…do I download the audio version (quite good!) or pay over $600 for a paperback…or wait for the re-release?!
  • We briefly discuss his first novel, The Poe Consequence, which will be re-released in March 2020 (it’s available now in audiobook, and you could order a paperback copy for anywhere from $349-$627  if you can’t wait for the re-release, but  I don’t believe you’ll get a Rolex watch with it!)
  • Here’s a trailer for “The Poe Consequence”: Trailer
  • Keith talks about his experience with the Hispanic community
    Keith Steinbaum

    and jokingly commented that he was never in an East L.A. gang

  • We discuss Edgar Allan Poe and tarot cards
  • Shout-outs
  • Black Opal Books
  • Contact Keith: website
  • His favorite preserves? Listen and learn!

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