Alligator Preserves Episode 53: “West Point Woman” by Sara Potecha

Sara Potecha, author of West Point Woman: How Character is Created and Leadership is Learned, visits with me on the Alligator Preserves podcast. Sara and I have many things in common, including our graduation from West Point in 1983 with the 4th class to include women!

We share West Point stories and discuss Sara’s self-help book on leadership with advice applicable to every workplace.

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Show Notes with Links:

  • Why go to West Point? We discuss our reasons and give shout-outs to cadets who made a difference in our lives.
  • “Plebe poop” and Bugle Notes (a cadet’s “bible”).
  • On being an enigma in our own families and overcoming ignorance about the military.
  • Day 1 civilian to soldier, English teachers who made us suffer, thoughts of quitting, and wonderful mentors.
  • Being actors in different roles, and issues with upper-class women.
  • Fear and Airborne School.

    Sara’s “Beast Barracks” Platoon (Sara is far left, first row)
  • Universal principles and tools to navigate the workplace.
  • Sharing stories with our children and why Sara ultimately wrote this book on character and leadership.
  • Teaching integrity, and the “no excuse” response.
  • Encouragement from classmates (but not all).
  • Humility, leadership, and Sara’s greatest challenge: suddenly becoming a single mother when the father of her three daughters died in a tragic accident.
  • Possible follow-on book with soldier-mother stories.
  • Gail O’Sullivan’s book Tough as Nails: One Woman’s Journey Through West Point
  • Shout-outs to Sara’s daughters: Larisa (Gaba) Barclay, Gwenyth Gaba-Thome  and Joye Gaba, and her husband, Reed Potecha; our classmate MG Ray Royalty; her West Point mentor: BG Barney Forsythe, PhD; and her book coach, Cathy Fyock.
  • Sara’s website:

    Sara on Graduation Day, May 25, 1983
  • Facebook | Instagram
  • National Speakers Assocation:
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Families of the Wounded Fund
  • Active Heroes

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