Alligator Preserves Episode 41: “Sisyphus Wins” with Author Jerry Fabyanic

Jerry interviewed me at his radio studio last August! He is a wonderful supporter of local authors.

Jerry Fabyanic–author, columnist, radio show host, and denizen of Mother Earth–talks with Laurel McHargue about his novel Sisyphus Wins and about growing up as a gay man in a time when coming out was not acceptable.

He discusses his philosophy of life, strides in the LGBTQ community, and the Georgetown Christmas Fair where he and dozens of other authors will have their works available (December 1-2 and 8-9, 2018).

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Show Notes with Links:

  • Jerry talks about his relationship with Mother Earth
  • and about “bagging 14ers”
  • He discusses how his novel Sisyphus Wins–“a novel about self-acceptance, forgiveness, and triumph”–reflects his love of nature
  • Discussion of Mount of the Holy Cross and Jerry’s actual fall
  • How much of the main character, Jonathan Slovanco, is autobiographical?
  • We discuss our Catholic mothers
  • “Voice” in his work and how it might influence readers
  • Discussion of Moby Dick and Ahab’s struggle with the universe
  • The idea of revenge in Moby Dick
  • Growing up poor and why he moved to Colorado
  • Why Sisyphus Wins is for readers looking for literature that is more provocative
  • Jerry Fabyanic

    We joke about why Jerry chose to live such a “mundane” life…NOT!

  • Jerry discusses growing up as a gay man in the ’60s, his coming out experience with friends and family, and his fears for the LGBTQ community today
  • The book Boy Erased by Garrard Conley and the film based on the book. Link to film Trailer
  • Psychological traumas we carry from our childhood
  • His teaching years
  • Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)
  • Georgetown Christmas Market
  • KYGT Radio
  • with Higher Living Reflections blog
  • email:

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