Alligator Preserves Episode 29: It Takes Two to Tandem!

Would you ever ride with your partner on a bicycle built for two? Listen to this special episode with tandem racers Jana and David Zangerle and learn what it takes to cross the finish line with someone very close to you–physically and emotionally!

David and Jana Zangerle really get into their races!

Jana and David are racing in the Leadville Race Series Stage Race this weekend. Find out what that means (hint: it has nothing to do with the Tabor Opera House, but you should definitely check that out too!)

Listen here:

OH NOOOOO! Faster, Jana! Don’t look back!

Show Notes with Links: 

  • What is a “stage race“?
  • What’s required in a relationship to ride a tandem, how do you decide who rides where, and how does it work mechanically?
  • How do you communicate? Any disagreements? Trust issues?
  • The power of positive thoughts
  • Lutsen, MN race and “crash”
  • Eating on a tandem, like a relay race hand-off
  • Athletic backgrounds
  • Shout-out to Cycles of Life and Leadville Shell Station (Toby?) and the welder in Silverthorne!
  • Goals for this year’s races
  • Nutrition during races: Heed, Perpetuem, Candy orange slices, and real food, gel, snickers, potato chips
  • Shout-out to Michael Hester, crew, and crew tips
  • What they do when they’re not racing
  • How has racing changed their lives
  • Tips for tandems and shout-out to Wheat Ridge Cyclery
  • Loving “the spirit of Leadville”!
  • David’s Leadman and LT100 Run experience, tips, shout-outs to Pajama Johnny and Reid (sp?)
David and Jana Zangerle visit the Lead Ass Inn (all cleaned up!)

More Links:

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