Alligator Preserves Episode 28: Meet Leadman Rodrigo Jimenez

Rodrigo paints on the “magic paper” before our interview!

Rodrigo Jimenez, 41-year-old resident of Leadville, Colorado, is competing in his 5th Leadman competition in the Leadville Race Series. Listen to the incredible story of how he started racing, and stay till the end to hear how running for 100 miles above 10,000′ elevation makes him feel!

He claims he used to be a much better artist!

Show Notes with Links:

  • I ask Rodrigo the “Why?” question
  • His very first race was the Leadville Race Series 50-mile run!
  • Early injuries prevented his first LT100 Run finish (at mile 85!)
  • Three goals: 1) Have a crazy, over-the-top goal first, 2) Try to beat his PR, and 3) FINISH the race
  • Going for his 5th Leadman series
  • Family support, and training on his own
  • Can anyone compete in these races?
  • What he wears and how he eats during the races
  • His fastest LT100 Run time
  • Aid station awareness
  • Pacers, and how the weather can turn really bad
  • Tips for racers about training and shoes (extra!)
  • How running 100 miles makes him feel
  • This year’s goals and final tips
  • email Rodrigo at:

More Links:

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