Alligator Preserves Episode 23: SPECIAL SERIES: Leadville Race Series with Marvin and Lisa Sandoval

Marvin and Lisa “paint” on magical disappearing paper before our interview!

Marvin and Lisa Sandoval discuss their experiences with the Leadville Race Series and what it takes for anyone, including YOU, to finish these epic endurance races!

This is the third in a special series about these renowned races in Leadville, Colorado . . . races that start at 10,200′ elevation!

Lisa and Marvin display their post-interview paintings! (they drip when wet!)

Show Notes and Links:

  • Marvin talks about his Turquoise Lake 20K run finish
  • Leadville’s Herald Democrat newspaper
  • Heavy half-marathon
  • Finishing races and one not completed (no new gear!)
  • Marvin talks about his knee surgery
  • Marvin and Lisa discuss why they race
  • Overcoming anxiety and having the right mindset
  • They discuss their most difficult and most fun races
  • Cut-off times during the races
  • Grit, Guts, and Determination (but not “Grits”!)
  • Ultra bike race advice
  • Advice for crews
  • Bike malfunctions (and what to expect)
  • Tandem cycling
  • Food . . . HerbaLife
  • Smiling and encouraging other races
  • How much cow bell is too much cow bell at aid stations?
  • Orange Mud (Marvin’s kit this year)
  • Absolute Bikes (Lisa’s kit this year)
  • Leadville Trail Race Series
  • Leadman/Leadwoman and Lifetime
  • Life Time Fitness
  • Legacy Foundation benefits the people of Leadville

Other Links:

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