Alligator Preserves Episode 24: Who Are You Calling a Cute Little Old Lady?

Marge by some ruins on her property by the river.

Don’t call Marge Dorfmeister a cute little old lady.

There’s something about people who grew up on a farm. Octogenarian Marge Dorfmeister shares a lifetime of experiences, her poetry, her humor, and her ideas about the end of life.

Her original work “Buena Vista” (from the original musical melodrama “He Promised Me Violets”)

Show Notes and Links:

  • She’s a farm girl! Call her Marge
  • Moving to Buena Vista, CO and never looking back
  • Former president of Chaffee County Writers Exchange, and now the oldest member
  • The news, war, and her work establishing a new campus of Colorado Mountain College
  • Writing groups, the Shavano Poets, and her poem “What Was the Question?”
  • Dealing with the end of a 67 year relationship with her man
  • Her favorite “Secret Garden” door

    The idea of being a “cute little old lady” and the circle of life

  • “Old wives tales” medical treatment
  • Fears?
  • Happy memories, her husband, the Pick and Shovel Players
  • Controversial actions
  • Advice, even though she doesn’t believe in giving it
  • Her songwriting and how her daily routine has changed
  • These are a few of her favorite things
  • Storytelling and dreams
  • Secrets
    Handwritten notes of Marge’s music, page 1
    How did the people at High Mountain Pies know that Marge is turning 88?! (photo taken by me after a Chaffee County Writers Exchange gathering in Leadville on 8/13/18)

    Lyrics to Marge’s song “It Takes A Lot Of Slinging To Make A Tow A Town”!
  • Next episode: Something completely different

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