Alligator Preserves Episode 20: In Which I Answer Many Questions!

Ever wonder how writers are inspired, what their routines look like, how they make characters “real” and relatable? I have answers for aspiring writers of every age!

After my Skype session with a language arts class in Texas, the teacher compiled a list of insightful questions from her 7th grade students and sent them to me. In this episode, I answer them all!

Fun Skype session into a Texas School library! Thanks to Melanie Moore Vann (teacher), Linda Kay (Librarian and photo credit!), and Ridgeview Middle School students!

My sincere thanks go out to the staff and students of Ridgeview Middle School in Round Rock, Texas for their enthusiasm and sincere interest!

Show Notes with embedded Links:
(These are the questions I received. For answers, listen to the episode!)

What would you recommend when you have writer’s block?

Other Links:

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