SPECIAL SERIES: Leadville Race Series with Ty and Roxanne Hall

Ride a mountain bike over 100 miles in tricky terrain over 10,200′ elevation? And do it again and again . . . despite extreme adversity?

Ty and Roxanne Hall have eyebrow-raising stories about their experiences training for and participating in the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, and tips for anyone who might consider signing up for this challenging race series. Do it! Sign up!

Ty and Roxanne Hall share their experiences overcoming adversity and racing the LT100 Mountain bike race!

Show Notes with Links:

  • Leadville Race Series
  • Link to SPECIAL EPISODE: Leadville Race Series with Ken Chlouber
  • Ty and Roxanne Hall, owner of the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center,  Cookhouse and Sleep Yurts discuss how they met and why they race (are they born with the  desire?)
  • Roxanne’s mother is in the Sports Hall of Fame in Leadville and in Denver for her contributions to the skiing world. Roxanne loved gymnastics
  • The camaraderie of racing
  • The early days of the LT100 Mountain Bike Race (started in 1994, and Ty first raced in 1995 with about 150 other racers)
  • Crewing for the race
  • Roxanne talks about her horrific accident in 2008 and subsequent recovery
  • Roxanne’s Ange Guardien de Velo (Guardian Angel of the bike) project
  • Owner of Melanzana makes special items for Roxanne during her time on crutches, and Harperrose Studios promotes her work
  • They each talk about food for racing
  • Tips for newbies to the race
  • Ty’s participation in the “Tomorrow Chaser” project…raised @$35K last year for the community
  • How long will they race?
  • How do they want to be remembered?
  • First Descents (please consider donations!)
  • Wounded Warriors (please consider donations!)
  • Legacy Foundation (please consider donations!”

Other Links:

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