Our Kathy

vessel of acceptance, love
and understanding

Her internal light,
Radiant beyond compare,
embraces us all

Challenging us to
release the pain of our past,
to overcome fear,

Knowing that today,
here, now, is reality
we must not deny

Everlasting gifts
she gave to us, joyfully,
through sparkling bright eyes.

[rest in peace, my beautiful cuz]

5 thoughts on “Our Kathy”

  1. Laurie…this is beautiful – I love it.

    Thanks so much for your love and unending support throughout these last 15 months and especially this last week. You were a God send to all of us…we love you very much.

    1. Debbie . . . I love you all, too, and felt honored to join your family for Kathy’s last journey. As I sat in the airport to return home, I remembered that I had challenged Andrew to try to write a haiku in his new journal, and decided that it would be helpful for me to do the same.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Those traits must run in the family, because those words are exactly how I feel about you, my friend!! Love you!!

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