Two Tiny Tales

Who knew I’d love to write horror and other tales with bizarre, creepy, surreal elements? Well, I did love watching shows like The Twilight Zone(which first aired the year of my birth!) and Dark Shadows back when I was a youngster, so perhaps it makes perfect sense!

In any case, if you’re into those sorts of tales, you might enjoy listening to my latest two microfiction tales. Fitting an entire story into fewer than 250 words is a challenge, believe me, but a truly fun challenge–at least from my perspective!

Here they are:

I’m a nice person…really I am!

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Laurel lives and laughs and publishes and podcasts in Colorado's Rocky Mountains! She has published several multi-genre books and hosts the podcast "Alligator Preserves," where she interviews fascinating people, talks about the human condition, and shares scary stories from her "Dark Ebb" collection.

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