The Bernier Family

Before I continue with tidbits from Dad’s letters I, thought I should provide a proper introduction. In the center stands our protagonist–Charles Murray Bernier–between his parents, Alice (Murray) and John (a.k.a., J.J.), and with his “favorite sister” Kathryn (Kay) and brother John/Jack/Jackie.

I chuckle when I read what must have been a response to a letter from home talking about his dad’s workload and the cold April temperatures in Boston: “Hope Dad gets his Sundays off. He needs the rest and it will give the family a chance to see more of him. Good old Dad, I’d sure like to see him myself. I don’t want you to freeze your face Mom, for I still consider and always will consider you to be a very beautiful woman. No one can beat you.”

Awwwww! I can only imagine that my Dad was the most perfect son!

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What are the ages of each in the photo. Jack seems quite a few years younger than your Dad, and your grandparents seem older than the average parents of that time period. My father’s parents (Mother born in 1892 and Dad in 1889) were in there 30’s before they had children. My grandparents were raised in Minneapolis in poverty. My Grandmother was forced to drop out of school in 7th grade to help support the family (the “smarter twin” was allowed to stay in school). My Grandmother would not marry until the sisters completed building a home for their parents, to get them out of the shack they were living in. The 6 sisters (with assistance from my Grandfather) built a very nice brick home, the oldest sister and my Grandmother’s twin lived in it until their death (1972). After the parents house was completed, my Grandmother and her fiance needed to complete their home prior to the planned wedding. He must have really loved her!

It is funny you should mention twins as my Dad’s father was a twin, born in Quebec in 1888! Grandpa didn’t marry Grandma until 1923, so like your grandparents, he was 35 when married, and had my Dad when he was 36! Kay followed just a year later, and brother Jack four years after her. Dad’s mother was born in Chatham, New Brunswick in 1894, so she was a 29 year old bride. I think my Dad was about 20 in this photo because in a letter dated April 24th, he tells his parents, “The fellows were amazed to see how short Mom and Dad were.” ( He and his sister in the page banner were 3 and 4!)

I believe your ancestors may have had a tougher start to their lives together…

My siding/painting expert just saw this photo and said that Dad looked like the actor Ralph Fiennes . . . he’s right!

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