Mail at last!

Laurel’s input: [Oh, thank God! Mail, finally!  March 20th was . . . ]

. . . the happiest day I’ve spent since I’ve been in the army. I received three letters, one from Dad, Mom, and Jackie. You don’t know what it means to be away from home almost a month without receiving any mail. I think it was my own fault, for not sending my letters home air-mail.

I read Dad’s letter first, and I’m very proud to have a father who’d write such an encouraging letter to his soldier-son. I don’t think you were preaching at all, Dad, and I consider it to be very sound advice. I’ll do my best to keep the way you want me to be, and the only way you and Mom taught me to be. If my moral life is half as good as yours, I’m sure I’ll get to heaven.

Mom’s letter came next and I know if she was half as excited at receiving my mail, as I was receiving yours, I forgive her for her short letter. I received your water money, Mom, and I used it to buy these airmail envelopes. By the way, you can find a dollar in the pocket of my white spring coat. It’s the one that Lita Rogers gave me the nite before I left.

Perhaps this letter will reach you before my last one. In any event, my new address is 302nd Sig. opn. Bn., Co. A. This is a Signal Corps outfit and I’m glad I was changed. They have to send back to Devens for all my records, so I don’t know what I’ll do yet.

I was very sorry to hear about Jackie. He seems to be the hard luck member of the family. At least, Jackie, when anyone mentions any kind of a sickness, you can claim you’ve already had it. I was quite proud of being the first fellow to show off one of the new pennies. Thanks a lot. I think I’ll save it for a good luck piece.

I hope you’re treating Kay all right for she’s my favorite sister and I love her quite a bit. [Kathryn was Dad’s only sister!]  I know I’ll receive her letter by the time you get this one. Are you still keeping all the men happy at work, Sis? If not, it’s not your fault. If the government issues any new five dollar gold pieces, be sure to send me three or four of them.

Well I got out of camp for the first time yesterday. I was assigned to a detail to go to Austin with the Supply Sergeant to pick up some clothes at the dry cleaners. Austin is a beautiful city. I liked it at first sight. We saw the state house, and although it isn’t as nice as Boston’s, it’s pretty good. I also saw the buildings of Texas A&M. It’s one of the most beautiful colleges I’ve ever seen. You can’t appreciate it until you see it for yourself.

In answer to your questions, Mom, the food is swell, and I’ve never felt better in my life, except for being home-sick. I don’t see why they ration coffee. The army certainly doesn’t get it. G.I. coffee is pretty tough and you really have to be hard up to drink it.

While in Austin I bought myself some articles of clothing, such as a dress hat, service insignia, extra underwear and socks. I received an unexpected check from the company for thirteen dollars. It was bond money which I had paid in before I left.

That’s about all I can think of now except that I miss you all and Love, Murray

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