I See a Star…

and his name is
Jack Robert!

13-year-old Jack Robert has dreams he’s already realizing! Visit with us below!
Enjoy this fun visit with singer/songwriter Jack Robert!
“Audio only” version of my visit with singer/songwriter Jack Robert!

Show Notes with Links:

  • Absolutely loved my interview visit with my great-nephew Jack Robert (Stead), a rising Country Music singer and songwriter!
  • Jack surprises me with his memory of the first song he loved to sing at age 6.
  • He picked up a guitar at age 9 and picked up other instruments easily.
  • Jack’s favorite cover song is “If We Were Vampires”–listen to the lesson he shares about the lyrics in this song.
  • Jack’s YouTube Channel: Jack Robert Music
  • Jack gives us a teaser debut of his new song!
  • Watch Jack perform outdoors and listen to how he learned his “moves”!
  • Jack talks about his musical goals (some of which he’s already realized!)
  • Is he ever sad? What does he do when he’s . . . “annoyed”!
  • Jack sings the chorus to his original song “We Are Free”!
  • His changing voice . . . and its impact!
  • His friend Jack’s YouTube Channel: Jacks Trax Records
  • Jack’s advice to listeners!

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