Eating Dirt in April

April 8, 1943, Thursday

Dear Folks,

Two things of interest happened today. First, I was selected this morning to take an exam which will determine whether or not I will be sent to some college or other advanced training school. In order to take this exam you had to have a mark of 110 or better in the IQ we got at the reception center. I got 122 out of 150, considered fairly good. If you get 110 you qualify for Officers candidate school. [Dad has always been one of the most modest men I have known].

The test was pretty hard, 150 questions. We were given three hours to do it, and I think I at least passed it. Secondly, when we got back we were told to prepare for a tornado. We had to wear gas masks, rain coats and helmets. Something went wrong so the weather man called it off, thank God!

Three out of six barracks in the company are quarantined on account of measles & mumps. Never a dull moment here. They say you have to eat a ton of dirt before you die. I’m well on my way to my last few pounds. We have a drill field that is so dusty, it would make the Sahara desert look sick. There’s dirt in our eyes, ears, mouth, and it just loves to stick to our sweaty clothes. I hope I get sent to school before it gets real hot here. It’s getting kind of dark so I’ll close now with I love and miss you all, Murray. [What a concept: when it gets dark, it’s time to turn in!]

p.s. I’m enclosing the form that was given us before the test.

p.s. I got the text book Tuesday. Thanks a lot. Also got the money!

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