Dad’s first correspondence…March 1943

My V-MAIL project starts with a postcard from Ft. Devens, Mass. (from back when the abbreviation was “Mass.” rather than “MA”!) showing a painting of the Post Theatre:

Dear Folks.

Got here about 9:15. An army truck brought us to the Fort. We were then issued rain coats and toilet kits, then bedding, and over-shoes. Boy! We sure needed them. Very muddy here. Learned how to make a bed, army style. Just got thru eating. Pretty good food. More later, Moe

No zip code . . . no charge . . . no idea what he’s getting into!

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This is really a good representation of DAD. The date you have posted through me a bit (is that military time or just a typo?). Have you heard from anyone “back east” about their weather?

Typo! You know, the zero is right next to the 9! Thanks for seeing it…and for visiting my posts! Mom says it’s raining there…they’re snug as bugs in a rug!

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