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Author/Philosopher Santos CS Bermejo

The Medway Tales
Seven Modern Fables

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Show Notes with Links: The Medway Tales by Author Santos CS Bermejo and artist Luisto+Quintanar

  • Santos tells us about himself and why he ended up in England
  • He discusses quotes from C.S. Lewis, Luis Pasteur, and Bernard of Chartres
  • His seven stories are reminiscent of Aesop’s Fables, and his characters are unique
  • He mentions fables he remembers from childhood
  • One of his goals is to teach children how to think. We discuss today’s youths and the challenges they believe they have
  • We talk about how fables can be discussed on many levels

The Medway Tales seven stories:

  • 1–Senor Huevo
  • 2–Cheeky Little Mole Tillo
  • 3–Hyena Helena and the Mink Scarf
  • 4–Amik, the Architect
  • 5–This Little Squirrel Called Rita
  • 6–Water Eddies
  • 7–Little Rainy Things
  • We discuss learning from observing nature and American Theoretical Physicist Richard Feynman
  • Fabulous illustrations by Luistomas Quintanar (Luisto+Quintanar)
  • Santos mentions author  Juan Ramón Jiménez‘s book Platero and I
  • He tells us which is his favorite tale
Presentation of the Spanish edition of The Medway Tales

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