Alligator Preserves Podcast Episode 3: Boston Boy Goes to Texas

Who’s your daddy?

In today’s episode, host and author Laurel McHargue introduces her father as she never knew him. With a shoe box filled with letters from a 19-year-old son to his parents and siblings during WWII, Laurel shares her thoughts on the bizarre world of parent/child relationships.

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Show Notes:

  • The letter shoe box.
  • Charles Bernier, age 19, off to “somewhere” in 1943
  • Blog post Boston Boy In For An Eye-Opener with narrative
  • Questions about parents
  • The parent/child relationship
  • Brainstorm about questions and the brain
  • Storytelling tip: Focus on a small thing
  • Introduce next topic: Something completely different


Blog post with photos: Boston Boy In For An Eye-Opener

Intro/outro voice by Nick McHargue
Podcast music from Jamendo Royalty Free Music


By author

Laurel lives and laughs and publishes and podcasts in Colorado's Rocky Mountains! She has published several multi-genre books and hosts the podcast "Alligator Preserves," where she interviews fascinating people, talks about the human condition, and shares scary stories from her "Dark Ebb" collection.

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This topic hits so close to my heart. Wanting to grow long hair! I myself have tried about 3 times in the past but usually gave up when it became impossible to keep hair out of my face and eyes.

Brava Laurel, Brava. job well done. Yes, i have subscribed too!
Interesting regarding the “long hair”. I too was envious of the long hair beauties. Like your mother, my mother also subscribed to the pixie fashion, especially after all of us seeing Mary Poppins! If you remember, Julie Andrews had one short pixie haircut. It wasn’t until Jr High, that I finally grew long hair, only to my upper back. After a while I finally realized I looked horrible with long hair. My hair wasn’t thick and wavy, oh no, mine was thin and straight. So, that brought me to my perm phase and again, not wishing to look like a poodle anymore, I have come round circle and continue to look fabulous in my “long” pixie hairstyle. oh by the way, in college riding the T, I met several times Ms. long hair beautiful red head and yes, she was still down to earth as ever.
keep up the good work!

Thank you, Marilyn! I never thought of the Mary Poppins pixie, but you’re right! And let’s face it, short is easy.
I wonder how I could get Ms. Sheila to discover this podcast episode…glad to know she was still as lovely as I remember.

The perm…UGH! My memory can still smell the chemicals. My Mum and older sisters had in-home perms many times, which is probably why I’m missing a few brain cells today!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back for more!

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