Alligator preserves episode 62: Author Miriam Green on Alzheimer’s Disease

Author Miriam Green’s important book–The Lost Kitchen: Reflections and Recipes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver–combines memoir, recipes, and poetry associated with the author’s changed role as a caregiver for a mother with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Author Miriam Green with her mother, Naomi. Photo courtesy of Miriam Green
“Audio only” version of my visit with Author Miriam Green
YouTube visit with Author Miriam Green

Show Notes with Links:

  • How Miriam was able to incorporate memoir, recipes, poetry, and education on Jewish tradition into one book, and her mentors.
  • Traditional family roles and how they change with an Alzheimer’s patient.
  • “Walking on eggshells” around her mother, and the feeling of being “unbalanced” and confusion experienced by her mother, and evidence Naomi knows things aren’t quite right.
  • The challenges of living in the moment, The Power of Now, and Miriam’s TEDx Talk: Finding Joy in Alzheimer’s at Shenkar College
  • “When in doubt, sing!” Music and healing, and Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain.
  • The impact of color (specifically red) on the brain and behavior. Boston University Arts and Science Study If you couldn’t see your mashed potatoes, you probably wouldn’t eat them by Jeremy Schwab
  • Miriam suggests tips for reducing stress when visiting with an Alzheimer’s patient.
  • Fear, both for her mother and for herself, and the changes she has made to reduce her own risk of developing the disease.
  • “Working body, wandering mind. Was that better than keeping your mind and losing your body?”
Author Miriam Green, photo courtesy of Reena Tasgal
  • Miriam reads her poem “Alzheimer’s Lens” and talks about how the disease is like books on a bookshelf
  • Miriam talks about finding a “lost” song.
  • She talks about how her mother’s disease has changed her own world.
  • She talks a little bit about recipes and her most frequently made one.
  • Advise to other caregivers.
  • She talks about how her father, Jack, is coping with his new world.
  • What’s next for Miriam?
  • Miriam’s website
  • Shout-outs and Black Opal Books
  • Miriam’s father, Jack Cohen, also wrote about his experience in his book Life on Planet Alz: Songs in Captivity
  • To find out more about this disease, visit Alzheimer’s Association

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