Alligator Preserves Episode 11: Loneliness and Atrocity

Charles “Moe,” “Murray,” Bernier, well before he was my dad, before joining the Army at age 19.

“War . . . What is it good for?”

In this episode of Alligator Preserves, Laurel shares another letter from her father from WWII Army training and talks about her recent experience at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. She ponder the question of human evolution and asks the question, “How?”

NOTE: Serious subject matter in part II of this episode.

Show Notes:

  • Letters from WWII, from Laurel’s father at age 19
  • Military uniform changes, garrison caps
  • Army K.P. (kitchen patrol)
  • Army cooks
  • Peanut Butter fudge
  • Brainstorm on “War”
  • Old friends
  • Visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, description and blog post
  • Discussion on awareness of atrocities against humanity
  • Message to listeners
  • Encouragement to donate to the museum
  • Next episode: The Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon


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Laurel lives and laughs and publishes and podcasts in Colorado's Rocky Mountains! She has published several multi-genre books and hosts the podcast "Alligator Preserves," where she interviews fascinating people, talks about the human condition, and shares scary stories from her "Dark Ebb" collection.

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