Rainy Days in May

May 23, 1943, Sunday

Dear Folks,

Here it is Sunday again and very nice after a heavy rain early in the morning. We’re having some unusual weather here now. Thursday nite was so chilly that during the outdoor movies half the fellows left. I put on my jacket and was still cold. I slept under two blankets and a comforter. We also had about three nites of rain during the week. Anyway it’s a change and we all appreciate it.

I got your letter yesterday with the dollar in it. Thanks a lot. Paydays are few and far between in the army. You seem to think that if I go to school, my permanent address will be changed. This is my address and any mail you send to me will be forwarded to me when I go to school. I’d appreciate a box of cookies and candy, as the P.X.s here are always running out of stock. I’m also dying to know what Dad has for me. Send it along for I’ll always get it.

Haven’t heard any word yet about school. There are two repeater schools, one at Monmouth, and t’other at Crowder. Whichever one is open first, we’ll go to. We all hope it will be Monmouth.

I hope you’re satisfied with the new house, and I like it just from the description.  I’ll write again soon, Love, Murray.


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