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Todd Fahnestock’s Epic Adventures!

You’re going to want to travel with him!

Visit with us on YouTube!
Todd and his son–Dash–at the 400-mile point on the Colorado Trail!
Audio-only version of our visit


  • I first met Todd Fahnestock at the Georgetown “Book Nook” Christmas Market! Pretty sure it will happen this year!
  • Our mutual friend, author/podcast host/all-around-wonderful-person Jerry Fabyanic hosts the Book Nook!
  • We discuss FANEXPO Denver, where Todd and I will have tables this year at the Convention Center Halloween Weekend!
  • Todd talks about his many books, why he wrote “Charlie Fiction,” when he knew he was going to start writing, his early epic fantasy inspirations, and how he always wanted MORE action!
  • I ask about his many accolades, and we discuss how external motivation (as opposed to internal) can be a negative thing!
  • We discuss “Summer of the Fetch” and he reads chapter 1 of “Ordinary Magic”
  • He gets personal about stories involving his wife’s horrific accident and his son’s growth arc throughout their father/son journey on the Colorado Trail
  • I suggest he send his “Altra Olympus 4” electric blue shoes to the company for replacement! (Have you done it yet, Todd?!)
  • He talks about his growth arc as an author and what will come next!
  • Find his books on Amazon or on his website or at any bookstore!
Evening of “The Great Fart”…you’ve got to read Ordinary Magic!
Meanwhile, I’m working on a new science fiction series and just published my first coloring book for the Waterwight series!
(Photo Credit: Elise Sunday)

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