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Saralyn Richard Makes Murder Mysteries FUN!

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Show Notes with Links:

Find all of Saralyn’s books (and follow her!) on Amazon HERE!
  • How have you / your writing process changed in the past 3 years?
  • Do you still love all aspects of the writing/publishing?
  • Character charts?
The “Door Prize”!
  • Did you know Who dun it from beginning?
  • Real people as references?
  • Great sensory details throughout
  • Any RESEARCH surprises? Police / mortician / karate!
  • “False summit” idea near end . . . we think we have the answer!

You didn’t like outlining for books…needs spontaneity, but how did you keep all of the sub-plots organized?

Saralyn with Galveston Island Elks Lodge Queen, Asta Timms!
  • Lessons for readers? Advice?
  • Next?  Shout-outs?

Check out Saralyn’s accolades!

  • First Place in SpeakUp Radio’s Firebird Awards for Mysteries 2021
  • Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Readers’ Favorite Award 2021
  • Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Readers’ Favorite Award 2019
  • Silver Medal Readers’ Favorite 2020
  • Finalist Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Best Investigator 2021
  • Finalist Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Police Procedural 2019
  • Finalist American Bookfest 2020
  • Finalist Chanticleer CLUE Award 2019

Laurel Stuff:

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new science fiction series AND a children’s picture book AND recently published my first coloring book for the Waterwight series!
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Find my other work here!

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